SDSMA Center for Physician Resources Health Leadership Institute

The SDSMA Center for Physician Resources Health Leadership Institute
helps physicians balance life and work, sharpen their skills in practice management, and train for future leadership positions.

Physician leadership in healthcare has never been more critical. Consider enrolling in the SDSMA Health Leadership Institute's (HLI) next cohort. Given the enormous changes now taking place in health and healthcare across the nation, there has never been a greater need for physician leadership.


What is the Health Leadership Institute?
The HLI aims to prepare physicians to lead the transformation of health care by furthering their knowledge, skills and insights. Learn ways to bring the clinical perspective to decisions that are essential to the delivery of quality, efficient and cost-effective health care. Learn more by watching the short video above.

The program offers current and future leaders the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of the role leadership plays in medicine, and prepares participants for roles within their practice location, health system, and greater professional development, civic development, community engagement as well as leadership skills training.

Six monthly sessions are held Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

How do I apply?
Those interested in participating may contact:

Congratulations to the 2023-24 graduates!

  • Benjamin C. Aaker, MD
  • Carolyn E. Gilbertson, MD
  • Martha M. Holstein, MD
  • Yang H. Hu, MD
  • Elizabeth Jensen, DO
  • Amy B. Kelley, MD
  • Sara R. Marroquin, MD
  • Joy A. Mueller, MD
  • Jessica L. Olcott, MD
  • Daniel H. Reiffenberger, MD
  • Ashlea D. Semmens, MD

2021-22 graduates

  • Monica T. Bullock, DO
  • Josie V. Davis, MD
  • David. S. Fromm, MD
  • Deepak M. Goyal, MD
  • Mandi J. Greenway Bietz, MD
  • Zachariah Jensen, DO
  • Francine L. Mousseau, MD
  • Jacob F. Quail, MD
  • Sara J. Ruter, MD
  • Matthew J. Schaffer, DO
  • Erika Toyoda, MD
  • Nick J. Trombetta, MD
  • John Tronnes, MD
  • Laurie Weisensee, MD
  • April K. Willman, MD

2020-21 graduates
  • Matthew C. Anderson, MD
  • Elyse N. Brock, MD
  • Anora D. Henderson, MD
  • Sherri D. Koch, MD
  • Mary Jo Olson, MD
  • Michael P. Pietila, MD
  • Michelle D. Schimelpfenig, DO
  • Scott L. Boyens, MD
  • Sarah A. Flynn, MD
  • Ken G. Maina, MD
  • Terri Peterson-Henry, DO
  • Shawn D. Van Gerpen, MD
  • Yorell Manon-Matos, MD

2019-20 graduates

  • Denise Hanisch, MD
  • Laura Hoefert, MD
  • Madaiah Lokeshwari, MD
  • Emily Murphy, MD
  • Meghan O'Connell, MD
  • Heather Preuss, MD
  • Jennifer Schriever, MD
  • Jeremy Storm, DO
  • Teja Vasamsetty, MD
  • Brian Wilson, DO

2018-19 graduates

  • Alaa Al Nofal, MD
  • Muslim Atiq, MD
  • Jesse J. Barondeau, MD
  • Mark N. Beard, MD
  • Fernando J. Bula-Rudas, MD
  • Sara H. Castellanos, DO
  • Kara L. Dahl, MD
  • Jennifer J. Tinguely, MD
  • Nazia N. Qazi, MD
  • Victoria L. Walker, MD

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