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The South Dakota State Medical Association Political Action Committee supports candidates and legislators who understand and embrace our philosophy and vision of the future of health care.

What is the SDSMA PAC?

SDSMA PAC is a voluntary, non-profit organization that serves as the political arm of the SDSMA.

What does the SDSMA PAC do?

  • Promotes the improvement of government through the active participation of physicians.
  • Impacts public policy decisions through bipartisan participation in all aspects of the political process.
  • Works to elect candidates who promote and support high-quality patient care, comprehensive medical education and the establishment of high standards of medical care.
  • Focuses on positively impact physicians and patients by supporting pro-medicine candidates at the state level.

Why join the SDSMA PAC?

As health care policy takes shape in Pierre and Congress we cannot sit and let others decide the future of of health care delivery.  Joining allows your voice to be heard. 

Who can join the SDSMA PAC?

Membership is available to physicians, spouses of physicians, residents, medical students, members of the South Dakota Medical Group Management Association (SDMGMA) and SDSMA staff.

SDSMA PAC Board of Directors

SDSMA PAC is a separate segregated fund established by the South Dakota State Medical Association. Contributions are not limited to suggested amounts, and the South Dakota State Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based on contribution amounts or the refusal to give. SDSMA PAC contributions should be in the form of a personal check, payroll deduction or personal credit card. Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

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